David Ralph is a Consultant Urologist at the Institute of Urology, London. He has a wide interest in all aspects of sexual medicine and leads an active research programme with PhD and MD fellows.  He has written many chapters on Peyronie’s disease and the surgical and medical management of erectile dysfunction.  He is the biggest implanter of penile prostheses in the UK with two clinical fellowship programmes to teach on this.

He is an accomplished microsurgeon who established and teaches on the Royal College of Surgeons Microsurgery for Andrologists course. In clinical practice his microsurgery skills are of particular benefit to men requiring surgery for fertility problems or vasectomy reversal.

Peyronie’s Disease is his main area of interest, having completed a higher degree on the aetiology of the condition and then having a large Peyronie’s clinical practice. He teaches both in America and Europe and is currently the chairman of the international consultation guidelines panel.
His other main area of interest is phalloplasty or total penile reconstruction whereby an artificial penis is constructed. This is mainly performed following gender reassignment but also for such problems as penile cancer or micropenis.

David Ralph has previously been President of the British Association of Urological Surgeons (BAUS) section of Andrology and British Society for Sexual Medicine (BSSM).  He is currently President of the European Society for Sexual Medinine and has organized their annual congress in London in 2004. He is heavily involved in the patient organizations of the Sexual Dysfunction Association (SDA) in the UK.